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We're a manufacturer, not just a reseller. See our prices for 4 roll boxes of 36" x 150', 20 lb. Bond. Still Only

$95.00 $112.00
Engineering Copier Paper

(2) roll box of 36" x 500' 20# Bond at just

$113.99 $161.70
Inkjet Media

We also carry a variety of inkjet media. Check out our 24" x 100' roll of Photo Gloss Paper for

$120.00 $170.10





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  • Great quality, fast shipping. I wish this product would be available in 20'' wide. The poster industry leaning to 20'' wide posters due to USPS shipping rate increase for all packages wider then 22''

    Alex F.
  • It's the best Plotter paper I have found. 20# seems like butcher wrapping in comparison.

    Allen B.
  • So far I love this product! It has opened my imagination to new product ideas and has created a new business opportunity for my store. So Woohoo! thank you Polypro can't wait to reorder.

    Chatorah S.
  • This paper is much better than the standard HP Bond Paper we used to buy. Works great in our plotter.

    Derrick H.
  • If we can get some more technical data as to ICC profile and or settings to get best results would be helpful.

  • All good here. Right product. Right price. Fast delivery. What more can you ask.

    Jack W.
  • Very helpful assistance in completing an online order. The product arrived quickly. This continues to be the source for the best product and price.

    Jan D.
  • Paper arrived in timely manner. However, one of the boxes was in such bad shape that paper inside could have been damaged.

    Jean S.
  • The only problem was my office is located on the third floor of a building (with a elevator). The FedEx driver left the paper in the lobby without notifying me.

    JR F.
  • Quick Delivery Greatly Appreciated!

    Luanne S.
  • Exactly what we needed, with timely delivery and competitive pricing.

    Natercia W.
  • I received the paper in record time. The paper will help the classroom with cutouts for the kids... perfect!

    Robert C.
  • High quality heavyweight coated paper at an affordable price.

    Russell N.
  • We always have great success when we order from Plotter Paper Direct. Good prices, good product and fast delivery!

    Stefanie J.