Who are we?

Why Plotter Paper Direct?

At Plotter Paper Direct we focus on one thing and one thing only. Provide the highest quality wide format printer paper at the lowest price possible. We are not just a reseller, we manufacture our paper directly in house which allows us to price our rolls extremely competitively, even the lowest around. Due to us actually producing the paper we are able to price so low without sacrificing on quality. Why not buy factory direct and save?

In addition to Plotter Paper we also have a large supply of Inkjet Matte Mylar, Inkjet Clear film, Engineering Bond, Engineering tinted/Colored Bond, Poster Paper, Banner Media, Fine Art Paper, and even HP Designjet Ink cartridges all at a direct to customer price. We have been in the print industry since 1982 and are located in sunny Denver, Colorado. Our 20,000 sqft warehouse is able to store truckloads of large mill roles which we can then convert to any size our customers require. In fact, most of the competition are reselling our converted rolls at a marked up price, why not buy factory direct and save?

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